I am Hunger in America


I am Hunger / Feeding America

In the United States, when people think of hunger, they tend to think of the homeless, or people living in underdeveloped countries. But in reality, hunger is much closer to home, affecting 1 in 8 Americans. 

So, to help dispel these preconceived notions and open up people’s eyes to the problem, we used Artificial Intelligence to create the first data-driven visualization of hunger in America.



The Making Of “I am Hunger in America”

Making of video

Hunger looks more familiar than you think

• 40 million Americans struggle with hunger.

• Most of the people Feeding America serves come from households with at least one working adult.

• Children are more likely to face hunger than any other population in the U.S. More than 12 million children face hunger in America.

• 78% of the counties with the highest hunger rates are in rural America.


A lifelike representation of hunger

Created with AI from thousands of photos and demographic data of people struggling with hunger.

First, Feeding America worked with their network of food banks to gather thousands of photos of Americans struggling with hunger to help create my face.

Then using the 2018 USDA demographic data of Americans facing hunger, including gender, age, and ethnicity, we matched real photos to those demographics to help shape my face.

Finally, the 1,000 photos were used by Artificial Intelligence to construct an image that resulted in me, a lifelike portrait that represents what hunger looks like in America.